For as long as I can remember I have loved creating.  I’m sure it started at a young age–coloring, play-doh, and basic arts and crafts.  We had several babysitters growing up who instilled a sense of creative wonder in us as well–I can remember making sock puppets, creating intricate games, and activities that didn’t always end up the way they were planned (sorry about breaking that piece off of the chandelier!).

As I have grown up, my creativity has stayed consistent.  Sometimes I don’t capitalize on it, or admit it (Shelly will be the first to tell you that).  I love creating and being artistic.  Crafting is a part of my blood.  Several, several years ago I opened an Etsy site.  Eventually it became too much and I stopped making sales.  I have had a Facebook page that has continued (though not updated) as well.  Both have become ghost towns.  That is until today.  I’ve found such joy in being able to create new pieces for my own home, I have more than I need.  So I want to create as a way for self-care, and making a little money on the side is not bad either.  So I spent time today figuring out what areas I wanted to concentrate on, taking pictures, pricing pieces, and updating my Facebook Page and Etsy site.  I even updated my logos.

I’d love your support if you are interested.  All items currently are custom orders.  But I am happy to work with you to find something that fits your needs and budget.  You can check out my Etsy here and my Facebook page here.


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