Sometimes it’s hard to talk about how we lost my mom. It can be difficult drudging up the past and reliving certain moments in my head. But I’d never wish a degenerative disease on another person and I’d never wish Parkinson’s (of any nature) on another person, or a family. And definitely not a specialized form with Lewy bodies or multiple system atrophy.

I want to remember the good moments and the tough moments. Because they have all been a part of the journey. But I also work to help advance research and support for patients and families who went through or are going through what my mom and my family did over the last 13 years. I know there is a strong likelihood one of my sisters or I will have Parkinson’s. I know it will continue through or lineage. But I know the time and money I put in now will make all the difference in helping there be more awareness and support of life saving treatments and medicines and therapies and support groups and resources. So I give. And where I once was an adamant supporter of the Indiana Parkinson’s Association, and where I will still walk their 5k this April, some of my focus has changed. So this year I will put my donations toward the Michael J. Fox foundation. In memory of my mom, Sue Sedgwick. And if you feel so inclined I’d love for you to do the same. Tomorrow is World Parkinson’s Awareness Day. Please give.