Back to Reality

It’s time to get back to the heart of what this blog was originally about. Creating. That means dedicated time making content in this arena. It means tapping back in to my artistic soul. It means giving myself the outlet I know that I need, that I know stokes the fire within me. It’s time to create.

  • I’m on a quilting journey with a dear friend for her grandson’s graduation. This helps me create each week (and provides me with loads and loads of laughter along the way. Our quilting “business” has had many a name associated with it over the last 3 years. It keeps evolving, taking on a life of its own at every turn. I love it and so value the time.
  • I love creating with my kids: watching them pour themselves into their projects and being able to do the same right alongside of them. It’s humbling and energizing.
  • To me, organizing is a form of creation. I find something so soothing about things being in their place and categorized together. I don’t always keep up with my own, but love helping provide this for others. Something about the hidden gem of organizing: so much goes into it and you don’t always see the big changes. But they are there. My personal organization style could be described as “chaotic” or “confusing”. But it works for me and that is what is important.
  • I love my Cricut. I don’t use it as much as I thought I would when I purchased it. But I love it. And it’s time to break it back out and get working. Vinyl for drinkware and iron-ons for apparel are next on my list.
  • Digital design has been a new found love. Designing logos for friends. Designing wedding invitations and save the dates (and matching thank you cards!). Designing graphics for Instagram or other forms. I just love it.

And so I will continue to create, in more ways than just this. That’s what is needed for my own sanity.