Blessing for the Graduate

May this blessing bring you courage.

May it lift your spirits,

And remind you of the newness of your journey.

This blessing is mean to give you space:

Space to seek, to grow, to discover

Discover who you are

Determine what is next

The blessing is one small piece

Or the ever enfolding adventure

It leaves much unknown

But so much to look forward to.

This blessing is with you,

Through every class

Every new club

Through the friendships built

The parties attended.

This blessing is your reassurance

That you made the right choice

Because the choice is always yours

This blessing reminds you to not be afraid

Your dream can take flight

Because it has secured the wings on your feet.


Blessing for the Parent

This blessing is alongside you

Through the bittersweet taste

You spit from your mouth.

It finds you twisted inside

With heartbreak and joy

Both so closely intertwined

May this blessing comfort you

As you find your new normal;

One less.

May this blessing bolster you

And remind you of the lesson you be instilled within them.

May you be assured

The tools are before them

And there is much to be proud of today,

And tomorrow.

This blessing will catch you

As they take flight

And the wind is knocked from your own wings.

A Blessing for this Day

You are my blessing.

Day in and day out,

You flood my thoughts,

Protect my heart,

And bring unending joy.

You are my blessing.

You find me in the dark places,

You wrap your spirit around me

When you can embrace no more.

You find me in times of weakness and shame,

You raise me to my feet,

And remind me of the strength within.

You are my blessing.

Lessons on end,

Teachings still to come:

About life,

About love,

About relationships

And faith.

About children,

About elders,

About spaces and in between.

You are my blessing,

My mantra,

My mama.