Reading Rainbow

I’ve challenged myself in 2021 and 2022 to read more. Mostly because I fell back in love with reading during the pandemic. And it’s something I wanted to keep up. In 2020 I tried to get to 50 books and didn’t quite make it. I was determined in 2021 to get there, and surpassed my goal and made it to 60! This year I stepped up my game and said, hey I can probably do 60 again. And I just finished my 70th book in 2022!! Granted, many of these were listened to on my 30 minute commute to/from Ritter. But hey, that still counts!

I went back through my Goodreads and ranked what I’ve read this year. One page in order of my most enjoyed books (ranked). One page of my least enjoyed books (ranked). And two pages of everything else that falls in the middle (unranked). If you want more details of why I enjoyed something, let me know. It was a great year of reading and I’m hopeful to get to 50 books in 2023. Send me your recommendations!

Most enjoyed books! In order top to bottom, left to right.
Least enjoyed books (#70 and very least in the lower right corner, #55 in the upper left).

A Collection

I’d be nothing without the intergenerational relationships I was afforded growing up. This time of year I always think of the DeLongs and their contribution. They gave so much to the church where I grew up and their legacy lives on through their collection of créches that decorate the sanctuary of my home church during Advent.

Is also have fond memories of Mr. DeLong participating in the 12th Night party. A photo captured of him in a tall bicolored cloth hat and blowing a huge bubble in some chewing gum. Serious exterior but childlike wonder inside.

And I was always in awe of Mrs. DeLong from the point I found out her first name was Mozelle. It was sophisticated. And of a certain era. And reminded me of my own middle name and made me feel all the more special.