Career Counseling Services

What It’s All About

I knew from a young age that I loved people: socializing, supporting, connecting. This has always been my lifeblood. But as I’ve grown older I’ve found that helping others figure out their passions and direction bring me so much joy. Call it calling, or vocation, or career. To me it is digging down to the root of what fuels your soul and helping you figure out how you can do that to thrive and sustain your lifestyle.

I believe that jobs change. Interests change. We pigeonhole our young people into choosing a forever life path when they turn 17 or 18. But the reality is most people don’t stay at their first job for more than 3 years. And many people change fields once, or more—and that is okay. But the best thing we can do is help them discern what they want right now and give them tools to keep assessing what that is for the rest of their lives. I’d love to be a part of that journey. See the info and pricing sheet below. Reach out. I’d love to hear from you.