I’ve been starting lots of blogs and not finishing them. Maybe it’s the current environment that is keeping me from wanting to complete them (or rather being able to complete them). But this thought has stuck with me the last few weeks. If this quarantine, social distancing world has taught me anything thus far it’s this: I can be comfortable living in the grey. That’s not usually the case. I’m a list maker, a planner, an organizer, a detail-oriented thinker. Though I am flexible and think quickly on my feet, I like to anticipate outcomes when I can.

What does it mean to live in the grey? Lots of things. It means not having all of the answers to my own questions or the questions of others. It means not knowing what the near future or distant future hold. It means going with the flow, not giving in to expectations, doing what feels right in the moment. It means intentionality, tentative but firm steps forward, it means listening to yourself and others. It means going deep, being in tune with your heart and soul, and freeing yourself from the constraints society places on you. It means being you, whatever that is at the time. Living in the grey is being comfortable with the unknown, the invisible, the unspoken.

I am grateful for this time to see and appreciate the grey spots in my life. And I’m learning to lean in to what they are teaching me. And I’m becoming more comfortable discovering and learning new things each day as they unfold before my eyes. The grey is to be appreciated. The grey is what I want because it brings strength, and courage, and grit.