I believe in growth, and I know that often times that means facing things we are afraid of or that challenge us or that push us outside the place where we feel comfortable. In 2019, I said “I’m here for it. Bring. It. On!” I adopted a mantra for myself to remember to push myself (#bebrave), to be inquisitive and honest (#bevulnerable), and to be the crazy/wonderful person who I am at my core (#bewild). Often times it’s been far from easy. But I think those three things are essential for me in this year and will (and have) led me to some wonderful growth and new opportunities.

Tomorrow starts a new journey for me. I have my orientation for my Master’s program. I’m excited, and nervous, and really just ready for it to begin and to be in this new normal. I don’t like the anticipation of things (even when I like the actual things). Being in a new setting with a bunch of folks I don’t know seems daunting, but once I’m there I will be living and soaking up every moment I’m sure. That’s just one part of my growth.

I’m finding more and more that writing is a good outlet for myself. It’s allows me to be creative in a way different than when I’m paints or sewing or crafting. I love words and how they fit together and give us a unique sense of what is happening. Several people over the last year have complimented me on my writing and the way I use words. And so I’m noticing and challenging myself to keep that part of my creativity alive and fresh. In the month of September I am making a commitment to blog every day. It doesn’t have to be long. And there is no rhyme or reason to when it happens or what topics I’ll choose. I just feel I need it as a way to give back to myself.

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