I believe in growth, and I know that often times that means facing things we are afraid of or that challenge us or that push us outside the place where we feel comfortable. In 2019, I said “I’m here for it. Bring. It. On!” I adopted a mantra for myself to remember to push myself (#bebrave), to be inquisitive and honest (#bevulnerable), and to be the crazy/wonderful person who I am at my core (#bewild). Often times it’s been far from easy. But I think those three things are essential for me in this year and will (and have) led me to some wonderful growth and new opportunities.

Tomorrow starts a new journey for me. I have my orientation for my Master’s program. I’m excited, and nervous, and really just ready for it to begin and to be in this new normal. I don’t like the anticipation of things (even when I like the actual things). Being in a new setting with a bunch of folks I don’t know seems daunting, but once I’m there I will be living and soaking up every moment I’m sure. That’s just one part of my growth.

I’m finding more and more that writing is a good outlet for myself. It’s allows me to be creative in a way different than when I’m paints or sewing or crafting. I love words and how they fit together and give us a unique sense of what is happening. Several people over the last year have complimented me on my writing and the way I use words. And so I’m noticing and challenging myself to keep that part of my creativity alive and fresh. In the month of September I am making a commitment to blog every day. It doesn’t have to be long. And there is no rhyme or reason to when it happens or what topics I’ll choose. I just feel I need it as a way to give back to myself.

The Month of Me

I believe in birthdays. Especially BIG birthdays. I don’t just like celebrating mine, but others’ special days as well. This year, I turned 30. One of my friends warned me that I would dread my birthday as it neared and that I’d start freaking out about my “impending doom”. But I didn’t. I actually am quite excited about my 30’s. It makes me think of the 13 going on 30 movie quote “thirty and flirty and thriving”.

I’ve made a list for myself of thirty things I want to accomplish in my 30th year. Some are big. Some are small. But I am ready to start tackling them. I’m excited to push myself. I’m excited to try new things. I’m excited to experience the world differently. And it starts now.

This weekend I got to celebrate my birthday with my nearest and dearest friends. Words can’t even describe how much it has meant to me. We’ve had dinners, went to a comedy show, crafted, hosted them in our home for food and games, etc. Time spent with these people makes me so happy. They make me laugh, build me up, and prove to me that I am loved.

I am glad to have found my people. And I am glad to have a close circle. These people are my people (no Biblical pun intended). Friendships haven’t always been easy for me. Life hasn’t always been easy. But having these people along for the ride is wonderful.

Thank you to everyone who made this the best birthday yet. To those who donated to my Facebook fundraiser; thank you. To those who gave me a gift or card or bought me a meal; thank you. To those who showed up and reminded me that I have people in my corner; thank you.