Lent: Day 5

Two of my very favorite people in this world have birthdays close to mine. And this is me, with a bit of shame, admitting that this year I forgot them both.

Two days ago was my dear friend Steph’s birthday. She and I met through a youth worker fellowship program in 2013 and have been “inseparable” since (quotes due to the fact that we live in different cities and are in fact separated). Here are some of my favorite things about Steph:

  • She’s quirky. And goofy. And doesn’t care much what other people think.
  • She speaks her mind, and unapologetically follows what she believes.
  • She has a heart for others and giving back.
  • She is committed to her faith and her God and doesn’t let others tell her what that should look like.
  • She is an endless vessel of advice and knowledge (boy don’t I love that).
  • She loves butter.
  • She’s down to watch you stuff your face with chocolate cake.
  • She enjoys conversation (whether two or three people are involved).
  • She is always down for a sushi date.
  • She reminds me that Voldemort has no place in Ron’s life (good riddance).
  • She’s a gem of a friend, and there’s not a much better way to describe it.

My longest friend’s mama has a birthday today. Rhonda has been a main stay in my life in so, so, so many ways–and I am so thankful for how these moments live on even though her physical presence is no longer here. Many of my memories growing up include that way or another. Here are some of my favorites:

  • The crazy birthday parties: greeting cards, karaoke, make-overs, tarot readings, and more.
  • Swimming for endless hours.
  • Riding the “build your own roller coaster” ride at Chicago Disney (what was that actually called?)
  • Realizing on the same trip that her VW Bug had been broken into
  • Garage sales
  • Pull-out couch movie nights with way too much popcorn
  • Saturday morning pancakes (okay, that one was more often Bill)
  • Optometry appointments (and feeling like a celebrity any time I walked into that office)
  • Catching up
  • Show choir shenanigans
  • Sage advice

There is something really special about birthdays. And something even more special about sharing them with others.