Humble Servant

Lent: Day Six

There aren’t many words today. We lost one of the best today. Rev. Richard Hamilton officiated my parents’ wedding. He was there when I was baptized (though he didn’t baptize me). I remember when he retired (though I was only 9). And I can hear the cassette tapes of his sermons that we would often have playing in our home.Such a rich and vibrant voice. Such a presence.

I remember him coming over to my dad’s house to chat with us about mom’s eulogy. I remember him delivering that eulogy. I have thought over and over and over again about him officiating at my wedding. I remember being so worried when Anna Lee passed that he’d be quick to go after her, they were an iconic couple. But he lasted many years after that. He will always be someone I admire and look up to. Well done, good and faithful (and humble) servant.