Weird Wire

When I was growing up, my friends and I loved making up games, dressing up, and creating videos (music, television, etc). After they banned Red Rover on the playground (things got rough I guess) and sticker trading (because people were stealing from each other) we resorted to our own devices. And thus was born the land of Weird Wire. I can’t remember everything that was entailed. I remember sneaking snacks to recess (and eating lots of dried kool-aid with sugar), secret “handshakes”, and made up songs. It was strange–but it was ours.

Yesterday felt like a day on Weird Wire. It wasn’t a positive weird (though some really cool things happened) and it wasn’t a negative weird (though there were some thing that happened I wish hadn’t). It was a “I can’t wrap my head around this” type of weird. I’m still processing through it. The day was somewhat clouded by a very jarring dream that my mom was in. It threw me off for the rest of the day, in some ways, as I wrestled with what it meant. All in all a day to keep processing to say the least.

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