I Got the Magic In Me

Self-care is something I could always do better at, I give a lot, but like they say “you can’t give out of an empty cup”. Recently because of my “running” endeavor I’ve been outside more. There have been some beautiful fall days already. And I’ve seen the sun rise, been up before the sun rise, and have felt the cool fall breezes. It’s reminded me how much nature is a part of my essence, what is life giving to me, and where I find joy.

Earlier this week I took time to go outside and read for class after work. It was perfect–the noises, the smell of fall, and soaking up all the Vitamin D. When I finished the chapter I shifted and laid down on our outdoor loveseat (albeit super awkwardly as my legs dangled over the edge). And I actually fell asleep for a while. Something about soaking up the sun and just relaxing felt so right.

So a commitment to pay attention is ahead of me. To look for ways to be outside instead of holed up in front of a screen (ironic as I write this from my phone). Something about nature and the outdoors is just magical.

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