My Precious…

I know I just talked about nicknames the other day. But I realized in the last couple of days how apt I am to use pet names. Most people reserve that for a select few (if they use them at all). But I throw them around like glitter.

  1. I’ll call almost anyone “kid”, regardless of their age.
  2. In college I took to calling my bestie “chickadee” and often use it now with family friends.
  3. I’ve been know to use “champ” or “ace”–the the latter is very rarely. #loganhuntsburgerforever
  4. I call my cat “boo bear”. I can’t tell if he appreciates it or not. 🧐
  5. When my youth are going through a rough time, I have a tendency of calling them “baby girl”. I promise I only do that with the girls. It’s like my maternal instinct.

I’m sure there are more, but those are the ones that stick out at this moment. Pet names to me are a way of showing care and affection. It’s second nature to shower my friends and family with them.

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