It’s been two days. And no posts. My goal was posting every day in September, but obviously that didn’t hold true exactly. The last two days have been insane (not trying to make excuses, just being honest). On Tuesday I had the opportunity to attend a workshop with others from Tapestry that dealt with effective communications. I learned a lot and it was super interesting. However, when we got back I had just a short time to grab dinner and get a few things done before an evening meeting. Which meant for a 13 hour day at work (woof). Thankful though that even with those types of days now and again, that my current job is very flexible and accommodating. But yesterday was a long day as well. Working my normal hours, a meeting after hours, and running “home” to prep for time spent with friends. It was a go-go-go type of day. So, I hope to make up those two posts this week somehow! I hold myself accountable.

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