Find Your People

I talk a lot about relationships. As an enneagram 2 (and an empath and HSP) relationships are very intricate for me. So when I find people I click with I embody the “find your tribe, love them hard” mentality. This year has brought some turn over at my job, and I don’t usually like to be left with feelings of the unknown. So when my boss and co worker retired/moved on professionally, I was very tentative about the new folks who would be coming in.

Today just solidified for me how grateful I am for the staff at my job. Things aren’t always easy, some days (or weeks) every little thing seems to go wrong. But there is a lot of collaboration in our office. We operate in an environment with open and honest communication (and the comfortability to say “I don’t know” or “I can’t share that” and still feel heard and supported).

There is one coworker in particular who has office hours that completely overlap with mine during the work week. She and I have become close and I am thankful for her unique perspective and ease of asking tough questions. We laugh a lot together (evidenced by our boss walking in this morning to us cackling and me being crouched near the floor). We support each other. We share advice about work things and life things. Sometimes work can be stressful or monotonous or any of a myriad of adjectives. But this girl makes things that much more entertaining and positive–you can call us Frick and Frick.

It’s funny how we are brought together with others over the course of our life. Coworkers teach us in unique ways, and I owe a lot to the lessons I’ve learned from various colleagues over the years. And I’m excited to keep receiving lessons along the way.

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