Endless Blogging

Lent: Day Two

I knew this was coming. I knew I’d have to have lots of things to talk about. And so, like the writer in me, I started paying attention to the subjects that sprung up. And I have been keeping them cataloged in my notes app on my phone. Because 40+ days of writing is a lot. But I’m committed to making it happen. And this compendium will serve me well and keep me on track for what I “promised”. Things you can expect to see in the next few blogs:

  • Original poems
  • (Thoughts on) Babies
  • (Thoughts on) Eccentrics
  • (Stories of) Life-long Friendships
  • (Thoughts on) Past Relationships
  • Things Not Meant for Us
  • Butterflies
  • BLM
  • A Return to Etsy
  • Accents/Adages of Others
  • Connections
  • Bookstagram
  • Podcast
  • Cohort Theme Nights
  • …And So Much More.