Lent Day One

I’ve always been what I’d characterize as a “clingy” person. Being the youngest of three, I was born into a world where there were always people around. And this is how I thrive. Noise. Energy. People. Closeness. It’s all been a part of my thriving. But at the same time those things are a double-edged sword when juxtaposed with being an HSP. A constant push and pull, something I don’t always understand (let alone expect anyone else to grasp).

The last week or so I’ve had the idea of “hope” running through my brain. I used this idea for a retreat for my kiddos and as a jumping off point for their Youth Sunday theme this year. And I’ve looked at it as a filter for my own life as well. Things can be tough, not go our way, be confusing, etc. But there is still hope. There is still faith. There is still me, letting my magic work.