Wrapped in Your Love

I’ve been waiting to write this post. But when the time is right, it’s just right.

Shelly and I saved several of our mom’s clothes because we knew we wanted to have them in some way. Several of her T-shirt’s or outfits have a special place in our memories and our hearts–but we didn’t necessarily see them as staples for our own wardrobes. We settled on a T-shirt rag quilt–simple enough to make but also something we could wrap ourselves up in when we need to.

It was a process. And I had several other projects that were ongoing alongside of this one (shout out to my friend who let me help her with four T-shirt tie quilts for four very special high school seniors). We spent one night crafting with a friend and we cut the T-shirt’s and the flannel “batting” into squares. Then we cut the backing squares out of material mom had when she was a missionary in Zaire (DRC today). I took a break after that. Eventually, slowly, I sewed the three layers of each square together. And after that, sewed the squares into rows and then three rows into a complete quilt.

None of it was done perfectly. But all of it was done with love. The binding was the last step. A quick wash and it was ready to use. Shelly claims I’m going to hoard it and not let anyone else use it (she may be right). But there is something wonderful about being wrapped up in Mom’s memories, in her love.

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