That is All

Lent: Day 17

Audiobooks are a game changer. You can do other things while “reading”. Thank goodness for apps that let you rent them with your library card. This just made my drives more pleasurable. And my chores. And my walks.

Short and Sweet

Lent day (I dunno)

It feels like spring is finally starting to appear. But by bit. And so I’m purging things. Spring cleaning: physically and mentally and emotionally. Time to recenter.


Lent day 15?

Sometimes I forget that this is our life. That we’ve lived through what we have in the next year. Sometimes it feels overwhelming. Sometimes I forget. And then other times I watch copious amounts of medical dramas and I bawl—because as much as I’ve struggled and despaired, I see vividly how heavy it is and has been for medical professionals. Not that I didn’t know. But it’s different seeing it (not sure how to explain it). ((It also makes me want to apologize to a lot of people, a lot of people who deserve it but also don’t)).


Lent: day 14?

Growth. This year has been about growth (really every year has been). But take it in, lovebug. Breathe deep and soak it all up. You have grown. And you get to repurpose what you thought was lost or left behind. You have been reclaimed—you reclaimed yourself, because you got lost along the way. But you are right here. Right now. You bloomed through it, right where you are planted. You grew.


Lent: Day 13

When I chose my word for the year, “magic”, I did partially for my Uncle Kenny. He was a deep feeler. Someone who marched to the beat of his own drummer. He always seemed to not have a care in the world. And he was very friendly. Lovingly my sisters and I called him “Uncle Pickle” sprouting from a story of the oldest among us not remembering his name on a phone call once upon a time. If there is one word I could use to encapsulate everything my uncle was, it would be “eccentric”. The Google definition is “unconventional and slightly strange”. And that is spot on. He did not subscribe to modern society or what was deemed “normal”.

More to come…