Lent: Day 8

One of the things that I love is a weekly Zoom call I have with other Journey Fellows on Tuesday morning. It breathes life into me each week. Though the players aren’t always the same, there is a good core that consistently shows up. I’ve connected with many outside of my own Fellowship year (shout out to 2013!!!) And I have found camaraderie with these folks. Often times we talk about the books we are currently reading, or have recently read. Throwing titles back and forth, scrambling for pen and paper to write titles and authors down; I realized there had to be a better way. And so JourneyBookRecs on Instagram was born.

Being the organization and technological “guru” that I am, I quickly made an Insta account, posted my first book rec, and made a google form where other fellows could submit their recommendations and ratings for me to post. I’m not always super diligent about it. With more time (ha) I could post one book a day from the recommendations that have been submitted. So weeks it is just one post, minutes before our Tuesday Zoom Call.

Any way, this is just one of the ways and places of community that I crave and enjoy so much. Eternally grateful to RK for recommending me, to DL for saying I could do it, and myself for being awesome.