A Message from the Universe

A Message from the Universe Papillon.

Instagram has a new setup where it only shows you the recent posts of profiles you follow. Then there is an option to click “view older posts” and if you keep scrolling it shows you posts that you might like based on other posts you’ve interacted with, or based on posts liked by folks you follow. At first I haaaated this. I just wanted to endlessly scroll my feed of those I follow. But I have come to very much appreciate this new setup. I have found helpful quotes, new folks to follow, and messages that have felt timely.

Many of the quotes that have really struck home with me have had butterfly imagery. If you’ve been following along for a while you’ll know that butterflies are a connection point for me with my mom. My tattoo incorporates the letters of the French word for butterfly in a butterfly form, etc. I feel her speaking to me in many ways, and recently through these quotes.

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