A Very Happy “Un-Thanksgiving”

I have always loved holidays. Mostly, I think, because of the family time, traditions, and gobs of together time. I’ve realized this week that I am relishing the unique and non-traditional things about holidays now. Foods that are atypical. Activities that are a little off-kilter. This is what I thrive on now. But the family time (in the right amount of doses) and the chosen family time (when possible) is still essential. I am thankful for our time with family this week. And I am thankful for being together during a time with heightened emotions. I don’t want to do what we’ve always done anymore. Because with someone missing it isn’t the same and the tradition is lost and it feels flat, so to speak. And so we take on new holiday directives and experiences and surround ourselves with warmth, and light, and the people we love. And that makes me very, very thankful.

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