Permission Slip

Sometimes we need to give ourselves permission to do or be something. Other times we need to give ourselves permission to let go of something. And that’s okay. That’s what my take away was from our session this evening at our annual Women’s Retreat. And I didn’t realize how much I needed that permission.

It’s easy to write down the things that I want to give myself the permission for–but it may not be as easy to implement them. So in order to maintain what I am permitting, I will share the permission slip I filled out, signed, and dated with a select few people who are close to me. This will allow me to be vulnerable and to have a group that will hold me accountable–that is priceless.

This weekend always has a way of restoring my soul. These women have become so dear to me over the last year in very meaningful ways. And for that, I’m eternally grateful.

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