To Learn

Life doesn’t always go as we’ve expected, or as we’ve planned. There’s that saying “God looks at your plans and then laughs”. I’m not so sure how I feel about that, but pieces of it ring true. I’ve been on a journey this year, really since facilitating the “Dare to Lead” class at church. I’ve tried to be open to God’s continued call for my life, and have looked for the subtle clues He places before me.

Back in March I had the opportunity to attend a Counselor breakfast hosted by my alma mater for high school counselors in the metro Indy area. I love those events, partially because I love talking about OWU and getting to know new people. I sat next to a very friendly counselor from Brebeuf and we talked a long time about his OWU questions and about how I ended up at Tapestry and in youth ministry. Something in this conversation just clicked for me.

So I started researching school counseling masters programs. What was out there, could I do that and still keep my job, and could I make it work for Fall 2019??? Butler had the best program for me, but their application deadline had already passed. On a whim, I asked if their cohort still had space and it did. So I applied a week or so later, pulled together some recommendations from parents, former Admissions colleagues, and one of my youth ministry peers. It could work. I played the waiting game and was asked to interview, which went really well, and then I waited some more.

But I got my admittance letter and was over the moon. This was where I felt my passion was meeting the needs of the world, where I could give back and use my talents in a field where all too often we pigeon-hole young people into college as their only option. My time at Tapestry has taught me a lot about vocation and calling and the variety of “right fit” for individual youth. It’s not one size fits all. And I think we need to do a better job of helping our young people see that.

So this Fall I will start a 3 year program while continuing to work at Tapestry. I can’t say what the future holds for sure or where exactly this journey will take me. But I’m excited to be back in a learning environment. And I’m thankful to feel like I have a new sense of direction. Here’s to figuring it all out, one day at a time.

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