This I Believe

In anticipation of my sermon, here is a list of things I believe…

  1. I believe that nature is healing to the soul and I don’t feel whole when I haven’t surrounded myself with it enough.
  2. I believe that my life is better because of my faith and my faith communities over the years.
  3. I believe a good cup of tea can cure most things–whether physical or emotional.
  4. I believe in all people–that they generally have good intentions, that they deserve respect, and I care about their happiness. This also means that I care deeply when people prove me wrong on this or when others are unhappy.
  5. I believe crafting is the best stress relief and that I can make most things I see.
  6. I believe my family is the most important closely followed by my friends who are family. I may keep my circle small but I do have people who care for me deeply.

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