And So It Begins

I generally don’t like the anticipation of things. It’s one of the intricate pieces of who I am as a person. Even things I love to do, in the moments leading up to them–I dread them. Things as simple as hanging out with friends, sometimes I convince myself I’d rather stay home and so I cancel. Things as complicated as being in a new place by myself where I don’t know anyone–I overthink it often and just don’t want to go.

That’s how it’s been as I started my grad school journey. For our orientation a few weeks ago I got there early (go figure) and waited in my car until I thought I wasn’t too early. But it was daunting–I didn’t know where I was going, I haven’t been a student on a college campus for 10 years (10!). Of course it was fine, the people I met were friendly, and just about everyone was in the same boat of not knowing one another.

But I felt the same way before my first class too–what was it going to be like? Had I forgotten assignments or readings I was supposed to do? #overachiever And again, it was good, I got to know some people better and I finally felt like I was in the swing of things. And I’m just excited to continue that journey forward.