The Month of Me

I believe in birthdays. Especially BIG birthdays. I don’t just like celebrating mine, but others’ special days as well. This year, I turned 30. One of my friends warned me that I would dread my birthday as it neared and that I’d start freaking out about my “impending doom”. But I didn’t. I actually am quite excited about my 30’s. It makes me think of the 13 going on 30 movie quote “thirty and flirty and thriving”.

I’ve made a list for myself of thirty things I want to accomplish in my 30th year. Some are big. Some are small. But I am ready to start tackling them. I’m excited to push myself. I’m excited to try new things. I’m excited to experience the world differently. And it starts now.

This weekend I got to celebrate my birthday with my nearest and dearest friends. Words can’t even describe how much it has meant to me. We’ve had dinners, went to a comedy show, crafted, hosted them in our home for food and games, etc. Time spent with these people makes me so happy. They make me laugh, build me up, and prove to me that I am loved.

I am glad to have found my people. And I am glad to have a close circle. These people are my people (no Biblical pun intended). Friendships haven’t always been easy for me. Life hasn’t always been easy. But having these people along for the ride is wonderful.

Thank you to everyone who made this the best birthday yet. To those who donated to my Facebook fundraiser; thank you. To those who gave me a gift or card or bought me a meal; thank you. To those who showed up and reminded me that I have people in my corner; thank you.

Day one

I’m challenging myself to two things this Lent. 1) To complete the daily photo challenge I created for my youth and 2) To write a blog every day. So here it goes.

Today is many things. It’s the day we remember our dust. It’s the day we share our love. It’s the celebration of another year.

My brother-in-law’s birthday is today. He is a crazy, nerdy, loving, and driven person. I am thankful for him. I am thankful for the way he levels my sister out. And I am thankful for how our relationship will grow over the years. Love you, Josh!

A Week Late

In the last few years I’ve never missed an opportunity to reflect on my grandpa’s birthday. He was born 20 days and 80 years before me. But this year, even though I remembered his 110th birthday, I didn’t write about it. And so, a week later, after finally feeling like I have a moment to breathe and spend some time writing, I’m am reflecting.

Many of my fondest memories of my grandpa, in his true state, are snippets: pieces strung together that I grasp onto tightly so they don’t escape my memory. I remember the way he’d wink at us, I remember his stories about his trips to Jerusalem, I remember the laundry room and playground at the last apartment he had before moving to the nursing home, I remember his faith.

Unfortunately, many of his “good” years were when I was too young to remember or before I was even born. But I never doubted the love he had for his family and his God. I love hearing stories of him in the garden, his daily regiment of apple cider vinegar, and his dedication to not only the Methodist Church, but also his local congregation.

In many ways he is someone who still has a very strong influence on my life. I find special connections to him to this day, even if they may be slightly created in my mind at points. To me, there are things that will always keep us connected. And I am thankful for his presence in my life.

As my mom grew older, one of the first things I started to notice was how much she resembled her father. To many that may not be noteworthy, but because so many people tell me how much I look like my mom, it was 100% endearing to me to see her resembling him and then by association myself resembling him as well. This holds a very special place in my hear.

Happy belated 110, Lowell. Thank you for watching over me.